The Walt Disney Company Lead Full Stack Python Developer in San Francisco, California

Lucasfilm is looking for a Lead Full Stack Python Developer to join a motivated and flexible group of Python and Web developers. The developers in Information Systems build robust work-flow driven applications that allow other departments to efficiently create movies, TV shows and games. We're looking for humble experts to join a team of well-rounded developers that thrive in an informal environment, one in which managers are there to support the process and fill in the gaps so that developers are free to do their jobs.

Responsibilities : Software Developers are expected to grow into greater responsibility and take ownership of their projects. We're looking for someone who is comfortable writing database-driven apps from the back- to front-end. We are continuously refining our processes and encourage our self-learning developers to explore tools, techniques and other sorts of meta-development to make themselves more productive.

Put simply, we have a "no arrogance" policy and want to hire awesome people to work in a great department. We value pride and earnestness, idealism and pragmatism, and focusing on the customer as much as the code. We love source control, testing and Linux. We value boy scout coding ("leave the code cleaner than you found it") and finding the right tool for the right job. We're at a company that has used Python for nearly 20 years, and balancing legacy systems and future needs is a daily battle, but that is the nature of software—reading code is as important as writing it.

Information Systems exists to support fast moving production companies, and you will work with the knowledge that whatever you write will immediately make the job easier for someone down the hall, at Skywalker Ranch or in Singapore. You'll be part of a group that gets along well whether it's tackling a technical issue, having a walking code review along Crissy Field, or playing a board game at lunch on Friday.

Basic Qualifications :

Technical Skills:

• Python fluency (Python 2.6+, Python 3.3+).

• Linux proficiency.

• Database/SQL experience.

• Web development experience.

Preferred Qualifications :

• Web frameworks: Flask/Bottle, Django, Tornado/Cyclone, Pylons/Pyramid.

• JavaScript libraries: jQuery, Backbone, Marionette, Angular, React, Gulp, Mocha, Sinon.JS.

• Web servers: Nginx, Apache, uWSGI.

• Data stores/tools: Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLAlchemy, Redis, MongoDB, Solr.

• Tools: Virtualenv, Buildout, py.test, Ansible, Selenium.

• Async: Twisted, asyncio.

• Virtualization: AWS, VMWare, VirtualBox, Docker.

Required Education :

• Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or other technical degree.

• 10 years’ experience in professional software development.

Job ID: 489653BR

Location: San Francisco,California

Job Posting Company: Studio Entertainment