The Walt Disney Company Database Administrator in Mumbai, India

overall purpose of the role:-

Merchandise Experience Planning & Integration team is seeking a highly motivated, database administrator and data integrity engineer.

Responsibilities : Areas of Responsibility:-

He/she will be accountable developing and maintaining database systems.

Database Maintenance – Implement a DBA maintenance plan for database consistency check and index statistics. Perform daily monitoring of data activity, space usage, scheduled tasks and security

Data integrity – Ensuring data integrity across multiple warehouse systems and reports. Ensuring proper versioning of ETL projects using Microsoft Foundation Server and Visual Studio

Installation and configuration - Installing and configuring the database and applicable service packs along with the database configuration parameters. Oversee the transition to a cloud based infrastructure.

Backups and Disaster Recovery – Implement regular backups of databases and transaction logs. Develop and test a backup and disaster recovery plan according to the business continuity plan. Perform data emergency recovery with the Data Center team

Performance Optimization and Tuning – Database performance monitoring, optimization and stability. Analyze and create appropriate indexes to optimize application performance. Analyze the database long-term performance trends. Troubleshoot by identifying and correcting any Database related problems

Design and Development – Participate in database modeling on logical and physical design. Participate in application development process including code reviews of database objects. Document database design and implementation. Developing code in SSIS and other tools to automate the ETL processes.

Security - Configure and audit database server security. Manage database logins, user accounts and passwords. Manage database object permissions. Administer security for the database

Compliance – Work with IT partners to ensure data systems meet or exceed company standards and compliance. Prepare and review database documentation, operations support procedures and training materials

Basic Qualifications :

Qualification & Experience required :-

  • Degree holder in Computer Science or other related disciplines

  • 5+ years’ relevant working experience

Additional Information :

Skills Required :-

  • Extensive knowledge in database administration, data management, and data warehouses

  • Strong technical skills in MS SQL Server, SSIS, Teradata, SAS Server or similar systems

  • Experience using and configuring Microsoft Foundation Server and Visual Studio

  • Understanding of ETL processes, mapping potential points of failure, and automating data integrity checks

  • Ability to understand and navigate complex internal technical compliance processes and develop productive partnerships with the relevant contacts in IT

  • Support the conceptual and practical development of business solutions

  • Strong sense of responsibility, ownership and pride in delivering quality results, and understanding the business impacts

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Works with minimal oversight from leadership; identifies priorities.


  • Cloud based SQL Server Experience

  • AWS / Azure Experience

  • Database Administration Certifications

  • Experience with Data Visualization Tools

  • Scripting

  • SAS Administration

Job ID: 547054BR

Location: Mumbai,India

Job Posting Company: Walt Disney International