The Walt Disney Company Producer I in Bristol, Connecticut

The Producer is responsible for all content for assigned shows. They will lead the show meetings. They are responsible for formatting the show and ensuring the news of the day is covered in an accurate and entertaining fashion. The producer works with the announcers to drive the content of the show. They need to be flexible in their thought process to not only demonstrate creativity, but they need to be able to adjust to developing news stories. The producer is the central communicator to the talent and production team.

Responsibilities :

  • Coordinates with members of the production and technical staffs to create informative and entertaining sports news programs

  • Organizes and evaluates the content for assigned sports news stories; determines the agendas and flow of assigned sports news stories

  • Oversees a staff of ten to twelve subordinate Associate Producers and Production Assistants who create and develop assigned sports news programs

  • Adjust program content to accommodate breaking news situations; interprets breaking news and translates it into program content

  • Coordinates with the on-air staff to write accurate and informative stories and content

  • Operates within the context of defined sports news program concepts, objectives and outcomes

  • Produces assigned sports news programs independently with regular guidance from the responsible Coordinating Producer

  • Work is reviewed by the responsible Coordinating Producer at regular intervals and milestones

  • Participates in or develops concepts and content for assigned sports news stories to reach viewers and to increase ESPN's market penetration, ratings and viewership

  • Determines the content and focus of each assigned sports news program including the stories comprising the program; identifies and follows-up on emerging stories and breaking news

  • Uses mastery of sports knowledge and news judgment to determine the agenda, concepts and content of assigned sports news programs

  • Leads the assigned on-air staff to create and write creative and compelling content for assigned sports news program; participates in or leads the development of most or all of the creative concepts of assigned sports news programs

Basic Qualifications :

  • Detailed technical knowledge required, must have knowledge of what "works" on television and what is realistic to accomplish in time allotted for show production

  • Has a minimum of 6 years of practical TV Production or related experience.

  • Has a good appreciation of popular culture, e.g., "what's cool" and assists with defining the tastes of ESPN's viewers

  • Has good production skills related to sporting events

  • Has a good understanding of ESPN's marketing and strategies

  • Has an established knowledge of sports and sports history

  • Is an experienced supervisor with good leadership skills

  • Strong organizational and communication skills

  • Good writing and copy editing skills

  • Knowledge of televisions production and video editing in digital and analog environments

  • Specific knowledge of television production technique used in a digital control room

Preferred Qualifications :

  • A minimum of 6 years of professional Sports Production experience.

Required Education :

  • High School Diploma or equivalent

Preferred Education :

  • Bachelor’s Degree

Job ID: 567625BR

Location: Bristol,Connecticut

Job Posting Company: Media Networks